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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy offers treatment for a range of disorders including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or simply the inability to move through life and achieve one’s goals. It is concerned with helping people engage with the sometimes complex issues which underlie their problems and suffering, leading to a deeper understanding of their way of being in the world and hence develop a stronger, more meaningful, sense of self.

Psychotherapy works through a special quality of relationship – that between the therapist and the client. The private ‘space’ offered in therapy provides a safe, reliable environment in which to explore those areas of life that normally we may feel unable to reveal. While sometimes a difficult experience, facing painful issues is often necessary to move ahead with life. Over time, as trust grows, facing issues that may be buried or denied becomes possible leading to a release of the energy it has taken to suppress those issues.

The therapeutic process works at different levels. Clients initially consult a therapist with some immediately pressing concern or problem, seeking counselling for that issue. It can be short, medium or long term depending on progress and what is uncovered along the course of treatment. All sessions are strictly confidential.

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